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Located at the beautiful coastal city of Weihai, one of the most suitable habitats for human beings, Shandong University at Weihai (SDUW) is an important branch of Shandong University (SDU). Founded in 1984, our university is a comprehensive university with a range of academic disciplines from literature, natural sciences, engineering, economics, law, to management.

Our university covers more than 1,600 acres and a building area of more than 370,000 square meters. Shandong University at Weihai consists of 10 schools/colleges, including College of Korean Studies, Business School, Law School, College of Journalism, College of Translation &Interpretation Studies, College of Art, College of Marine Studies, College of Information Science & Engineering, School of Applied Mathematics, and School of Space Science & Applied Physics. In addition, our university has a school of Adult Education & Vocational Technology and three teaching departments.
With 30 research institutes, our university conferred Doctoral degrees in 7 disciplines, Master’s degrees in 31 disciplines, Bachelor’s degrees in 34 disciplines and majors. A comprehensive system has been established to educate students at different levels in various fields, from doctors, master's degree students, undergraduates, international students, and? students for continue education. The enrollment of the full-time students by now totals 13,000. Now, our university has a faculty of 1021, including 250 professors and associate professors, 74 supervisors for doctors and master’s degree students. In recent years, our university has undertaken more than 300 projects, including “973 project” under the state, key research projects sponsored by the State Social Science, projects of National Natural Science Foundation, key projects under Ministry of Science and Technology, a key scientific and technological projects in Shandong Province and other projects at various levels. More than 2,300 papers are published in domestic and international academic journals, together with more than 150 works, and more than 20 research awards at state, provincial, and ministry level or above.

The beautiful natural environment, excellent ethos and atmosphere of teaching and learning bring all the graduate students a good environment and a broad space for development. Our university features in teaching and accords great priority to research, to create with open mind. Under the guiding principle of “Oriented to the needs of modernization, the world and the future”, adhering to the educational ideas of “humanities, science, innovation”, with the strategy of “to develop in scale, features, and relatively independence ", our university actively is developing featured disciplines, and striving to improve the level of graduate education. Besides, our university regards the graduate education as one of our key jobs to increase the development and enhance the competitiveness of our university.? A complete postgraduate training and administrative system has been set up with regard to various aspects, such as faculty, research conditions, administrative regulations, service for the students, educational quality control and objectives.

Graduate programs at SDUW, as an independent part, are included in SDU admission. After admission, students will study at SDUW, and graduate with diplomas and degree certificates conferred by SDU.


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