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The department of Space Science & Applied physics is a new and young department in Shandong University at Weihai. It was founded in 2003 with an aim to meet the growing need of highly educated manpower in astronomy and physics. The main research field of our department is applied physics for postgraduate students, which is composed of two specialties: Theoretical Physics and Microelectronics and Solid Electronics.
In theoretical physics, it includes astronomy, particle physics and atom molecule physics. There are four professors and one associate professor in this aspect. They are Prof. Liang Zuotang, Prof. Zhao Gang, Vice President of National Astronomical Observatories, Prof. Zhao Yongheng and Prof. Yan Yihua, associate professor Wu Ailing. In particular, Prof. Zhao Gang, Prof. Zhao Yongheng and Prof. Yan Yihua are the leading professors of National Astronomical supervisors, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.
In Microelectronics and Solid Electronics, related professors are Han Shenghao, Yang Tianlin, and Zheng weimin. Their research directions and interests are concerned to wide gap semiconductor materials,semiconductor quantum devices , organic emitting light diode (OELD) devices, etc..

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