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The Department of Applied Mathematics was set up on the basis of the former Department of Mathematics. Over 20 academic papers were covered by SCI during the last few years, and many researchers got awarded by the Ministry of Education and Shandong Province.
The Department currently has 32 full-time faculty members; among them there are 8 professors and 6 associate professors. Their enthusiasm for Mathematics motivates the Department’s progress in teaching research.
Their interests cover major areas of theoretical and applied mathematics, including analysis, combinatorics, operation research and cybernetics, differential equations, dynamical systems, financial mathematics, probability theory, scientific computation. Students find the faculty members? expert knowledge a great resource.
The Department is able to confer Master Degree to graduates in some fields of Mathematics, including Pure Mathematics, Operation Research and Control Theory and Financial Mathematics.
For teaching and research purposes, the Department has a scientific computation and mathematical laboratory including 94 personal computers.
By deepening the reform, more and more better students will be trained and research will be brought to a higher level with the object of building a comprehensive system of mathematical sciences and turning the Department into enjoying some popularity at home.

Faculty and Staff:
Professor Guizhen Liu:
She was born in 1944, received the B.S.degree in 1968 and the M.S. degree in 1981 from the Department of Mathematics in Shandong University, respectively. She began her academic career at Shandong University since 1981 and become a full professor in 1992. She visited Simon Fraser University of Canada as an assistant professor from 1985 to 1987. And visited the Chinese University of HongKong, the University of HongKong, HongKong Baptist University, City? University of HongKong as a visiting scholar respectively since 1996. She has published over 130 journal papers and 4 books and has been a reviewer for Mathematics Review. She received 7 Science and Technical Awards from Shandong University and 5 times from Chinese national Education Council. She has been listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in the world.
Research Interest: Graph Theory; Matroid Theory; Combinatoric Optimization.

Professor Xinwei Guo;
He was born in 1963, received the B.S. degree in 1983 from Jiangxi University and the M.S. degree in 1990 from the Department of Mathematics in Fudan University, respectively. In 2003, he received the D.S. degree from Zhejiang University. He has published over 20 journal papers.
Research Interest: Functional Analysis; Ergodic Theory; Harmonic Analysis.


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