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The School of Art came into being in 1998 and began to enroll students from 2001.It is made up of three departments, namely, the departments of music, dance, and fine arts. The present faculty of the school consists of experienced teachers who have marked their names in circles of music, dance, and fine arts respectively. Among them, there are fourteen professors, twelve associate professors, including one tutor of Ph.D. candidates, eight tutors of master degree candidates, as well as seven teachers returning to China after abroad studying. Besides, the faculty has been greatly enriched by accomplished part-time professors from other schools of art in China, such as, Ge Yi, professor of acoustic music of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Chao Haojian, professor of acoustic music of The Liberation Army Art School, Bian Meng of China Central Conservatory of Music who is a doctor in piano playing, Shui Tianzhong, a researcher of China Academy of Art, Yu Bingnan and Cui Dongliang, professors majoring in design o
f Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, Dai Shihe, the dean of the School of Design and also of the Department of Oil Painting of China Central Academy of Fine Arts.
The aim of graduate students nurturing:
The Department of Music of our school is presently authorized to enroll graduate students in the major of music studies which can be divided into two orientations of Chinese history of music and bamboo clarinet studies. The setting of the former is aimed at nurturing sophisticated professionals of systematic knowledge of music, comparatively profound cultivation of art theory, as well as comparatively good ability in writing. While the setting of the other orientation is aimed at nurturing sophisticated professionals of a quite high proficiency in bamboo-clarinet playing and a systematic command of theoretical knowledge on bamboo clarinet, qualities which may adjust the fresh graduates to the posts of teaching, researching, editing, criticizing, performing, and managing, etc. in schools of higher education, enterprises and institutions of public interests, cultural units of governments, art societies, and institutions engaged in film and broadcasting, etc.


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