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The college of Korea in Shandong University came into existence in July, 2003. It was combined with department of Korea, department of Chinese Teaching for Foreigners and the Institute of Korea. The college with characteristics is built in the process of reforming and innovating, advocated by Shandong University’s calling of constructing the base of education, research and communication with Northeast Asia, especially with Korea. It’s also the only professional college that engages Korean Teaching, Education for Korean Students and Comprehended Research to Korea.
The department of Korean contains the specialty of Korean Language, which has 17 full time teachers, includes 8 professors and associate professor, and 10 doctors or in reading doctors. In addition, there are 8 foreign teachers. The undergraduates are over 380 and nearly half of them had the experience of studying abroad. Now, the specialty trains graduates in aspects of Korean Language, Literature and Culture. Most of the instructors had abroad qualifications or experience.
The Institute of Korea includes the Institute of Korean Politics, the Institute of Korean Economy and the Institute of Korean Culture, which does comprehended research to every aspect of Korea. In the field of scientific research, we got 1 item in national social fund, 1 in ministry of education, 2 in youth social fund of Shandong University and 8 in other items. There are also 19 monographs, teaching materials and translation works, and more than 150 academic papers in recent 3 years.
The college apply itself to train accomplished students who can master Korean while are accomplished in every aspect of Korea, such as politics, economy, culture and society. The college of Korea will launch accomplished research in all aspects to Korea on the basis of strengthening the education in Korean politics, economy, culture and relation between Chinese and Korea. It will does its best to construct the college as the first class base of Korean Education, Research to Korea Problems and Communication with Korean Culture and Education in our country.


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