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Founded in June, 2004, School of Translation and Interpretation was formerly Department of Foreign Languages which was set up in 1991. Taking over the splendid tradition of Shandong University well-known for “Standing Out in Disciplines of Arts? she developed rapidly. The Department began to independently enroll MA candidates in English language and literature after several years of cooperation with the Foreign Languages School, Shandong University. The annual number of enrollment has gradually developed from 4 to 14-16, and with the increase of the capacity of the teaching staff, will continue to expand. There are now 38 postgraduates who pursue their studies on the campus. The School has a staff of 46, of which 36 are full-time teachers, including 22 teachers of English and 3 full-time professors engaged externally, 6 foreign teachers of English, 4 foreign teachers of Japanese, and 820 undergraduates. The MA Programme of English Language and Literature is oriented in three areas: English-Chinese Translation, The English Language and Literature in English, there being 4 supervisers (Sun Yingchun, Chang Xiaomei, Ren Huaiping and Sun Cuilan) and 3 associate supervisers (Geng Liping, Zhao Wei and Bo Zhenjie). Sun Yingchun is at once a doctoral superviser of translation studies under English Language and Literature, Foreign Languages School, Shandong University. Established in the School are a room of microcomputers, and three institutions of research——Institute of Translation Studies and Centres of Canadian Studies and the Japanese Language, each possessing many books and reference materials. There is, in addition, a reference room of 40.8M2 , in which there are 6813 books, 2496 books published in foreign countries, 28 academic journals, and 9 newspapers in Chinese or foreign languages, thus creating a very good environment for postgraduate study and research.

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