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Professional Language:
Professional language existing language school student instructors (professor) 4, the direction of research :Modern Chinese literature and language grammar and rhetoric, textual analysis or, ancient books, the poem rhetoric.
Gao Wanyun Professor:
Gao Wanyun, male, Born in March 1957, Kangbao County of Hebei, Professor, the member of Rhetoric Society of China and East China Rhetoric Society,Shandong Language Institute.
Taught courses: Modern Chinese ,humanities and social science methodology, the history of Chinese rhetoric, China Grammar history, literature and language studies.Nonverbal Communication arts.
Published four monographs : "Multi-vision of literary language" (Shandong Literature and Art Publishing House 2001)."China Rhetorical Theory and Criticism" (Shandong People's Publishing House 2004)."Qian Zhongshu rhetoric ideological interpretations" (Shandong Literature and Art Publishing House 2006)."Rhetoric China in the 20th Century" (Under Volume) (Chinese People's University Press, 2006).
Participated in the preparation and deputy editor-in-chief of teaching 2 : "Communication Arts" (Participated in the preparation, Science Press, 2000)."Cultural Communication" (deputy editor-in-chief of Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House 2003).
On the publication of literary language papers(For example,"Literature Review", "Contemporary Literature", "Contemporary writers comment", "comments fiction""Tianjin Social Sciences"), published more than 40 articles.In the "rhetorical study,""Academic Monthly", "Oriental Series" and the "Capital Normal University Journal""Fujian Normal University Journal," and other publications rhetoric, published more than 50 papers In the "language-building", "Learning Chinese",Hong Kong's "language-building communications," Taiwan's "world language"."Journal of Hebei Normal University," and other publications, published more than 20 papers in The six were copies of the above articles. The six of the above articles were copied by information copies of the People's University of China. Revenue was one article "Chinese Linguistics Yearbook". one article was make a summary by "Chinese Language" of Japan.
Thesis entitled "Literary Language variability Laws", "the grammatical study of Chinese Poetry",dedicated to the "multi-dimensional perspective of literary language" were respectively awarded " Youth Award for good works"in Hebei Province ,second prize in social science research in Hebei Province and first prize in social science award in Weihai City, Shandong Province.
Shao Wenli Professor
Shao Wenli ,man, born in Qin Huangdao He Bei province ,graduated from
Department of Chinese of Northeast normal university in 1982 and held a
BA degree.Now,he is the professor of Shan Dong University Wei Hai
California of school of journalism and communication ,director of language
education research ,master mentor of Chinese language majors. He is
also the govering of institute of Chinese characters,member of Chinese
language institute ,member of international Chinese language society
and member of china will study GLOSS. He engaged in teaching and research
of Ancient Chinese, GLOSS, the word, etymology, learning vocabulary,
phonology, the norms of Chinese characters and Chinese lexicography
He published five materials and tool books and released more than 40
Articles of papers. Also, He chaired many national provincial and
ministerial issues and had won numerous awards for scientific research.
Has won numerous awards for scientific research.

Nie Zhongqing, Male, Professor, D. Litt. . He graduated from Fudan University and his main lectures are Ancient Chinese, Classical Ancient Documents, Etc. He had released nearly 20 papers in the major national journal.

Zhang Yintang ,Professor,born in 1963
1981-1985 study chinese in Jilin University, 1985-1988 studay in Jilin University Graduate School,major in Literature of MingQing Period.After graduation,he work at the Shandong University at Weihai.Now he is the Professor of Language Institute and the College of Journalism and Communication, the Head of Chinese. I am the Governing of Classical Literature Society of Shandong Province,member of Wang Research Society of China, the second school, the backbone of the three outstanding young teachers.The Fourth outstanding young leaders, student tutors.
Teaching Course: Literature of MingQing Period , Tang Poetry Study, Medieval civilization and Song Lyrics.
Now rhetoric in the direction of the poem to recruit graduate students.

About the School of Journalism & Mass Communication
The School is composed of Chinese language department,Journalism department,language and literature institution,Journalism and Mass Communication institution.etc.The school has a faculty team of 14 professors,10 associate professors.one of them qualifies as doctoral supervisor,12 of them qualify as masteral supervisor. There are undergraduate programs in journalism, Chinese Language and Literature.postgraduate programs also have been launched:master of arts in comparative Literature and world Literature,master of arts in chinese contemporary Literature,master of arts in The Chinese Linguestics,master of arts in journalism,doctor of Literature in comparative Literature and world Literature.

journalism major
there are 3 professors,their research aspects are journalism aesthetics,comparative journalism and broadcasting journalism.

Prof. zhou yi
Prof. zhou yi was born in DEC,1955.He has MA degree and now he is masteral supervisor in journalism, subdean of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication and journalism studies pioneer.The courses Prof. zhou yi teaches postgraduate students are humane studies and social sciences methodology,media culture study,journalism aesthetics.etc.He has many of his academic composition, traslation works and papers published.Ans also,Prof. zhou yi was rewarded as "excellent Cross-century tech talent".

Prof.David zhang
Prof.David zhang was born in 1954.He worked as a journalist,editor and director of culture and education department in Beijing Review.In 1989,he went to the University of Sydney to study comparative Literature,in 1993 he obtained MA degree,later he got the Australian Government scholarship to study Journalism and Mass Communication in university of Technology Sydney,then achieved his Ph.D.During 1993 to 1997,Prof.zhang was an East Asia instructor.From 1997 to 2001,he was journalism professor,subdean of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication in Hebei University and head of the contemporary Australia study institution.In 2001,he was Visits professor in Peking university.From DEC,2001 to SEP,2005,he was journalism professor and head of International media study institution.Now he is dean of the environment journalism and International communication study institution and journalism professor in shandong university Weihai Branch school.

Prof.wang yue zhi
Prof.wang yue zhi was born in FEB,1951.He is a Senior reporter and Station manager of weihai broadcasting and tv station.His broadcasting work won first award of the 2nd chinese journalism prize.The stories he wrote won the shandong High-quality goods project prize. The foreign propaganda picture album CHINA WEIHAI he planned and compiled won the shandong High-quality goods prize. one of the articles from this picture album won Golden bridge prize. The city image advertisement CHINA WEIHAI he planned won the Golden eagle prize.

Comparative Literature and World Literature
Comparative Literature and World Literature includes two research directions: comparative literature, and world literature. The former is engaged in research about the basic theory of comparative literature, the history of this subject, the relation between comparative literature and Chinese literature in twenty century, etc. The latter seeks for the historical principle of world literature and reflects on the characteristic of foreign literature from the point of view of Chinese people.
Currently there are two professors who have qualified as a master tutor, Prof. Wu Cong-ju and Prof. Hu Zhi-ming. Moreover, Prof. Wu has qualified as a Doctor tutor in 2004. Following is their information.

Name: Wu Congju
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: January, 1951
Degree: Master
Position: Professor
Department: College of Journalism and Communication
Major: Comparative Literature and World Literature
Resume: After having graduated from Shanxi Weinan Normal College in 1978, Prof. Wu had taught foreign literature there until he was transferred to Shandong University at Weihai in1989. Prof. Wu was conferred master degree in 1995. Prof. Wu was appointed as an associate professor in 1994, and qualified as a master tutor in 1997. Then he was appointed as a professor in 1999. Now he is the dean of College of Journalism and Communication.
Specific Filed: Prof. Wu is an outstanding researcher who has specialized Black Humor, Milan Kundera, and modern & post-modern novel in China. Since 80’s he has written four books, edited ten books and published more than hundred academic discourses on Chinese or foreign literature.

Name: Hu Zhiming
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: April, 1956
Degree: Doctor
Position: Professor
Department: College of Journalism and Communication
Major: Comparative Literature and World Literature
Tel.: 0631-5688313(H)
E-mail: Huzm909@sdu.edu.cn
Resume: After having graduated from Anhui Normal University in 1982, Prof. Hu had taught comparative literature and world literature there until he was transferred to Shandong University at Weihai in1993. Prof. Hu was appointed as a professor in 2001, and qualified as a master tutor in 2002. He was conferred Doctor degree by Shanghai Normal University in 2005.
Specific Filed: Prof. Hu is an excellent scholar who has specialized Franz Kafka, and Japanese Writerōe Kenzaburō who has received Nobel Prize of Literature. Since 80’s Professor Hu has edited four books and published some dozens of academic discourses on comparative literature or foreign literature.


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