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Before being one law school, Law School of Shan Dong University at Wei Hai was called Law Department which was founded in 1995, and then it was changed to be Law School. Now there are full-time academic and other staff 68, 56 of them are teaching staff, 9 of them are professors, 21 of them are associate professors, 11 of them are lectures and 15 are assistants; 25 of them are doctors or LL.D. candidates; 23 of them are master or LL.M. candidates; 4 of them work as LL.D. graduates supervisor and 9 of them as LL.M. graduates supervisor. More than 1500 undergraduates and postgraduates coming from the whole country study here. The faculty of law may enroll not only LL.D. graduates majoring in legal theory and political science, but also LL.M. graduates majoring in jurisprudence, international law, civil and commercial law, economic law,?? procedural law, politics and administrative government. The former leader was famous Prof. Chen-Jin Zhao and Prof. Xie Hui is the serving Dean.
Centering on teaching and research, the law school aims to training qualified personnel who not only are experts in law specialty, administrative government’s specialty and social work’s specialty but also fully develop in various aspects and thus satisfy the need of constructing socialist state of rule of law, administrative government and social work. Now the mechanism and pattern for teaching which can combine theory with practices have been established to train professional personnel with comprehensive capacities and favorable conditions are provided to assist and encourage every student.     
Law School began to admit LLM candidates in Jurisprudence in the year of 2002. All the postgraduate courses are taught by academic staff with the profession title above Associate Professor or with Doctor Degrees. Besides Jurisprudence, the school also offers LLM programs in Civil and Commercial Law and International Law (since 2003), in Science of Economic Law and Science of Procedure Laws (since 2004), and JD program (since 2005). Furthermore,it begins to offer Master Degree programs in both Political Science and Executive Administration in 2006. With the devoted cultivation of our faculty and the diligence of our students, we have trained excellent college teachers, lawyers, judges, prosecutors and legal consultants of enterprises.

Academic exchanges are also highlighted by the law school. Many well-known professors, judges, prosecutors, administrative officers and lawyers have been invited to visit and give academic lectures. We not only maintain close academic ties with many law schools of domestic universities, but also create and maintain a favorable cooperative and academic exchange relationship with many law schools at Korea, Japan, German, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. For instance, we mutually send visiting scholars and exchange research information and materials with them. During the past two years, we have sponsored a lot of academic conferences, such as “symposium on legal interpretation and legal argumentation? “symposium on the new trend of legal periodical facing new century? and obtained the qualification for training excellent jurisprudence young teachers of the whole country. Those have given rise to great influence on internal and external law circle.
The law school of Shan Dong University at Wei Hai is a teaching and research group filling with of vigor and vitality, which has played and would continue to play an essential role in the discipline construction of Shan Dong University.


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