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Ⅰ. Target for Major Training and Introduction for Master's Enrollment
The Department of Marxist Theory Teaching of SDU at Weihai was qualified to award M.A. degree since 2003 in two majors:” Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education" and “Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement”. We aim to cultivate some high-quality personnel working independently for teaching, research, or party and administration with solid Marxism theoretical basis and firm socialist belief, who can grasp the law of Marxism and ideological and political education, who can do deep research independently into Marxist theory in China and the theory and practice with the development of human and society, who can have a good command of English (in reading the foreign language materials of his own major).
Except the first 3 master graduates in July 2006, it currently has 11 postgraduates, whose main research fields are the development of Marxism in China and the socialism with Chinese characteristics respectively.
Ⅱ. The Faculty
Currently, our department includes Marxism Theory Teaching Section and Moral Education Section with 19 full-time faculty members, including 4 professors, 7 associate professors, 8 lecturers besides 3 part-time professors .Of the full-time teachers, 7 have obtained their Ph.D. degrees (including 1 studying for it), and 7 have obtained their M.A. degrees. In 2002, Professor Sun-Wuan and Professor Li-Jianning were selected as tutors .Now in our teacher group, at least 3 more teachers (Professor Fu-Wenzhong (Dr.), Professor Zhang-Wenjun and associate professor Wu-Wenxin (Dr.)) have the qualification to act as tutors. Up to 2006, the structure of faculty members is as follows:
Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education Scientific socialism and international communist movement
Professors 4 Li-Jianning Fu-Wenzhong Zhang-Wenjun Sun-Wuan 4 Li-Jianning Fu-Wenzhong Zhang-Wenjun Sun-Wuan
associate professors
4 Wu-Wenxin Chen-Yonggang Zhao-Yan Cao-Hong Qin -Huai 4 Wu-Wenxin Chen-Yonggang Zhao-Yan Cao-Hong Qin -Huai
lecturers 6 Ma-Qiuli Zhang-Anfu Ren-Yunxian Yan-Huihui Xia-Weihuo Jiao-Peipei 6 Ma-Qiuli Zhang-Anfu Ren-Yunxian Yan-Huihui Xia-Weihuo Jiao-Peipei
Since 2003 ,all the teachers in the tutor group have gotten great achievements . The Department and its staff have held more than 10 research programs granted by the state, the province or other departments with the research found of more than 200,000 Yuan ,among which one is for the state ,3 for the province and 10 for others . In recent years, 4 monographs have been published and more than 100 papers have been published on the average of 3 per teacher, almost 20 of which are reprinted by Xinhua Digest and The Copy Material of Renmin University, more than 30 of which are published on core journals

Ⅲ. Postgraduates Cultivation
To all the postgraduates of the two majors, the department complies fully with the relative standards of SDU postgraduates Cultivation. We keep completely consistency with the SDU in the training scheme, curriculum provision (except some optional courses), teaching program and term paper writing.
In the past few years , we paid more attention to the academic exchange with some famous universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad .Experts from Shandong University ,Beijing University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Communist Party School are invited to our college ,and some influential scholars from Russia and America are also invited .What is worth mentioning is that the Research Center of Philosophy and Social Development was set up in our college in 2004 ,and Professor Wang-Jianmin , a rigorous scholar , Dean of Research Base for Contemporary Socialism, is invited as the Dean of this center. Professor Wang comes to our college 2 or 3 times each term for his lessons or academic exchange, which promotes our postgraduate program greatly.
We have gotten great achievements with the efforts of teachers and postgraduate students, though we began our master’s education just few years ago .The first master graduates of our department in 2006 did so well in their research that each of them published 3 articles on average. One of them got the scholarship of SDU for excellent postgraduates in 2005 and was awarded the title of Excellent Master Graduate .At present our postgraduate pogramme is going well as expected.
Ⅳ. Future Expectation
1. According to the latest subject adjusting in 2005, we will lay emphases on the following two academic disciplines under Marxism: the Development of Marxism in China and Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education.
2. The research orientation mainly consists of historical process , experience and regularity with development of Marxism in China ,the basic contents and theoretical system , the relationship between Marxism and present social development , the socialism with Chinese characteristics ,the rural construction and development in China , Ideological and Political Education and leadership science .
3. We are making great efforts to get the qualifications for awarding Ph.D. degree before 2010, and have a total number of more than 20 master and doctor postgraduates then.
4. Try to get about 100,000 Yuan per year as our research fund before 2010.


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