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Brief Introduction To International Economics
The Business School of Shandong University at Weihai started enrolling and cultivating the graduate students majoring in International Economics in 2005. Considering the peculiar geographic position of Weihai, this major focus on two directions:
1. The Economy Development and Regional Corporation in North-east Asia. The focal points of the research are: the current economy and future development tendency of countries in NEA; Economic development and corporation in NEA; The relationship between the economy of NEA and the economic globalization, etc.
2. The Economy of Japan and South Korea. The focal points of the research are: The history and current economy situation, domestic natural resources, industrial structure, investment environment and internal and external economic policies of Japan and South Korea as well as the economic and trade corporation relationship between Japan-South Korea and China.
Students in this major are required to break through the existing limitation of studies and pierce the setting of disciplines and space. Students should have firm foundation of economics theory, profound expertise of International Economics and great capacity of researching, can take on teaching, researching and practical management work in economic department when they graduated.

Brief Introduction To Business Management
Business management is one of the earliest majors to enroll and foster postgraduate students in our school. It posses strong teaching power and mature research directions. The main research directions are International Business Management, Business Strategy Management, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management and Corporation Finance Management. The students in this major can master the management science and project, solid basic theory and systematic major knowledge, moreover, the independent ability of working on the scientific research, teaching in the field of management science and project or taking on the practical management. The graduates can enter every kind of corporations to work on business management and also can enter colleges and universities, research institution or government comprehensive department of management to teach, research and consulting services of business management.

Brief Introduction To Business School
Business school has been enrolling and fostering graduates independently since 2002. After 4 years development, we have 7 majors for graduates, including Industrial Economics, Western Economics, Political Economics, International Economics, Finance, International Trade and Business Management. There are 11 tutors, including 8 professors and 3 associated professors. Now there are 46 graduates at school, including 7 in Industrial Economics, 6 in Western Economics, 1 in Political Economics, 3 in International Economics, 3 in Finance, 1 in International Trade, 20 in Business Management. There have been 13 graduates in two expirations who have achieved Master degree. Most of them are working in Universities and departments of government.


Brief Introduction To International Trade
International trade has opened the main research directions:
1. International Trade Theory and Policy
The main studies includes the comparative study between the free trade theory and protected trade theory, the policy study of tariff policy and import & export policy and local international trade policy study.
2. International Service Trade
The main studies include the international service trade theory and current situation, the law and rules on International Service Trade, service trade policy and measures in different countries and the development of service trade in China.
3. Practice of International Trade
The main studies include the documentary letter of credit, the contract and law of foreign trade, trade customs and related rules in different countries such as freight rules,commodities inspection rules, origin rules and arbitration rules.
The graduates master high Marxist theory level, the solid foundation of economics theory, the profound and extensive professional knowledge and the research ability. After achieving the master degree, the graduates can be engaged in education, scientific research and management work in practical economic department.

Introduction to Western Economics
Western economics focus on fostering high level special talents who will engage in practical work such as research, teaching and economic management. The graduates possess firm theoretic foundation of Marxist Economics and Western Economics and master the special knowledge systematically and use the economic analytical method proficiently, as well as to research the important theory and practical problems about the reference and application of Western economics. The major research directions include:
1. The study on the theory and application of western economics
It mainly researches the characteristics and tendency in the process of the essential western economics since the revolution of Keynes, such as the birth, development and evolution of the unessential schools as well as the reference and application of the economic reform and development in China.

2. The theory research on modern western enterprises
It mainly researches the organizational theory of modern western enterprises, the transaction cost theory, the contract theory, and other front problems of enterprises theory. We pay much attention on the research of how to speed up the reform and set up the modern institution of state-owned enterprises by referencing Western Economics.

3. The research on western economics and contemporary capitalism economy
It mainly studies the relationship between western economics and contemporary capitalism economy, carries out relatively research in different market economic system, especially emphasizes on the market economic system study of USA, Japan, Germany and Northern Europe, probes into the reference significance of these systems to Chinese economic system reconstruction, especially the research for integrated form between market regulation and government adjustment, the range of effect and the conduction mechanism.

Introduction to Political Economics
Political Economics is one of premier majors recruiting and training graduates in our school. The directions of research include the research on micro-economics theory, the research on socialist economic theory, the research on human resource capital theory and employment, the research on the fiscal and financial regulation theory, and the research on investment economy. The graduates can command systematically the rudiments of Marxist-Leninist economics and Deng Xiaoping’s theory, possess the knowledge of western economics and other economics. They own profound understanding of the important problems in economic theory and economic practice both at home and abroad; What is more, they have the ability to complete scientific research ,and master a foreign language. The graduates can be admitted into universities and special research institution, in which they can do the research and teaching work concentrating on economic theory and economic practice, they can also apply a job in the macro-management institution or comprehensive management institution of government.

Introduction to Financial Economics
Financial economics is one of the important majors in Business School. It focus on fostering high level special talents who possess the rudiments of economics ,the profound and wide finance and taxation knowledge and high scientific research capacity. The graduates master a foreign language, adapt the fierce international competition and take the challenge of new world technology revolution as well as to solve the important theory and practical problems in finance and taxation and engage in the research and teaching, and economic management in the future. The major research directions include:
1. The financial economics theory and policy research
The main studies includes the position of finance function, taxation theory and the design of rules, the national debts theory and it’s operational principle, the scale of fiscal expenditure and optimum structure the decision-making rules of budget system, the finance development strategic plan, the objectives of finance policy and measures system, the finance adjustment and control to economy, the special rules in local finance operation.
2. Taxation theory and policy research
The main studies includes the principle of taxation, the evidence, objective and measure of taxation adjustment, the taxation adjustment environment and limitation ,taxation burden and shifting of tax in market economy. All the kinds of taxation related problems in economic reform, the coordination and cooperation in international taxation field.

3. The research on finance adjustment and control theory
The main studies include ancient and recent finance regulation and control thoughts and practical development in China, the finance regulation and control theory and practical in planned economic time and probe into the Principle of it.

4. Enterprise finance and national finance
The main studies include the internal connection between enterprise finance and national finance, the theory and practice of nation’s macro-adjustment and control on enterprise finance; the basic condition of enterprise finance in benign finance run; the methods of enterprise finance analysis and management; the research on the perfect of enterprise finance rules the problems of enterprise’s system reform.

Introduction to Industry Economics
There are three directions in industry economics major. They are as followings:
1. The theory and practice of industry organization and industry structure
The main studies include industry structure, market essentials, the characteristics and function of market mechanics, the methods of rationablization of industry organization; the evolution of industry structure, the assessment and methods of realization the rationablization of industry structure and the industry structure adjustment in open economic condition.

2. The theory and practice of government control
The main studies include the content and method in market economic system, the change and development of theory and practice of government control in domestic and abroad.

3. The enterprise competitive theory and intellectual property rights
It focuses on the theory and practice of intellectual property rights protection and the function of excitation mechanism.

The graduates possess the solid rudiments of economics, profound and extensive professional knowledge of industry economics, they can go to the universities and special research institutions, in which they can do research and teaching work concentrating on economic theory and economic practice, they can also apply a job in economic management institution of government.


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